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More and more holidaymakers are enjoying the pleasures of the Great British holiday, choosing to stay on familiar shores for their vacation time. If you’re a resident of the United Kingdom then there’s no need to travel abroad for your break. Why spend hours in airports and hundreds of pounds on flights when some fantastic destinations are only a few hours drive or a train ride away. ...

Many parents also find domestic travel much simpler and easier with their children, as there’s much less anxiety to be had when planes and passports aren’t involved. You might even be able to bring your dog along for the adventure, too!

If you love sun, sand and beaches then be sure to check out some destinations on the south coast of England, like Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

The south is blessed with some of the best weather in the whole of the UK, and it has some of the best coastline too. If grand scenery and breathtaking views are more your cup of tea, then Cumbria, Scotland or Wales should be on your list of places to explore. Rich with untouched valleys, lakes and mountains, these areas are sure to put you back in touch with nature. If you like the idea of something slightly less secluded then have a look at Kent and Essex, Surrey or Sussex. These areas still have more than their fair share of natural beauty and charm, but also benefit from closer links to cities and larger towns.


Rolling green hills, sun, sea and surf. This little slice of paradise on the English south coast has a lot to offer.


This scenic haven in the North of England shares a border with Scotland and is famously the home of the Lake District.


Famous for cream teas and countryside, Devon in the south of England has plenty to offer adventurous holiday makers.


Dorset is famous for its Jurassic Coast and regularly ranks highly in surveys for the happiest places to live.


Bordering Wales and the Severn on the west coast of England, Gloucester houses the largest area of the Cotswolds.


Home to the former capital of the UK, Winchester, Hampshire sits centrally on the south coast of England.

Isle of Wight

Situated off the south coast of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight is famed for fossils, fauna and its legendary music festival.

Kent & Essex

Described as the Garden of England by Henry VIII, Kent is known for its picturesque rural landscape.


A ceremonial county on the East coast of England. Largely agricultural, Lincolnshire is famous for its successes in farming.

Norfolk & Suffolk

East Anglian counties on the east coast of England. Norfolk is famous for its system of lakes and rivers, known as ‘Broads’.


Well-known for its National Park status, Northumberland borders Scotland in the northernmost part of England.


Famous for its lochs, Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery the UK has to offer.


Sharing borders with Devon and Dorset, Somerset is well known for its caves and hills.


The bustling county of Surrey shares borders with Kent and is home to popular horseracing courses.


On the southern coast of England, bordering Kent, Surrey and the English Channel. Home to the South Downs.


Wales is known for its beautiful mountains and valleys and has over 1,600 miles of coastline and three National Parks.


Bordering Dorset and Somerset in the south west of England. Famed for being the home of Stonehenge.


The largest historic county in England. Known for its dales, Yorkshire has been lovingly nicknamed ‘God’s own Country.’